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Healthy Blood Sugar Balance Naturally!

Diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder characterized by impaired carbohydrate metabolism resulting in high blood sugar levels, affects more than 150 million worldwide. Diabetes has become the leading cause for the development of kidney disease, blindness, cardio-vascular disease, impotence and gangrene.

Symptoms of diabetes

Frequency of urination — Weight loss
Increased and often extreme thirst — Irritability
Increased appetite — Fatigue

The traditional doctors in Africa rely on physiological signs of glucosuria for diagnosis, such as whether or not ants gather at the spot where the individual passed urine. They can manage both juvenile and adult onset diabetes. Certain African medicinal plants have been experimentally verified as useful in the treatment of diabetes. Dioscorea dumetorum or “Esjru” is one such plant. This plant grows primarily in the woodland forest of west Africa. It is also called traveler’s yam, cluster yam, or bitter yam. The medicinally active part of the plant are its roots. It came to be known as the “destroyer of sugar” because it was observed that chewing the roots suppressed the taste of sugar. It was also observed that regular use of the root reduced glucosuria, or the appearance of sugar in the urine.

Trials using an extract of dried Esjru root indicated that it lowers blood sugar levels. Although the precise mechanism of action remains to be determined, it was observed that damaged beta cells of the islets of langerhans produced and secreted insulin after administering a standardized extract of the Esjru root. As a result of these observations and years of successful treatment, Esjru root may be useful in controlling blood sugar balance in those with insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetes.

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