The Healing Path

The Healing Path

Burn the Fat!

Obesity is the number one health threat to Americans today.  Excessive weight, particularly in the abdomen, hips and buttocks is associated with dangerous degrees of risk for potentially fatal conditions including heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and diabetes.  Of particular concern is a condition known as insulin resistance.  This term describes a metabolic syndrome characterized by increased resistance to the proper effects of insulin.  Insulin is a hormone produced in specialized structures of the pancreas called beta cells.  The signal that commands the beta cells to produce insulin is produced by the nutrient called glucose.  Glucose, or blood sugar, is fuel which runs the body and is derived from the food we eat.

The problem is that our life styles have changed in ways that have reduced the amount of physical exercise we engage in, at the same time, we have increased the overall availability of food.  Also, much of this food is carbohydrate rich and particularly high in starch content.  Starch is an extremely concentrated form of glucose.  By eating more calories than we need and by ingesting much of those calories in the form of refined grain products or starchy foods (such as potatoes) we cause the pancreas to produce extra amounts of insulin.  This condition also leads to metabolic stress that is interpreted by the unconscious portions of the brain as a form of trauma, leading to increased level of cortisol, an anti-stress hormone.  Between the increased levels of insulin and cortisol, the stage is set to damage the internal metabolism of the cells of the body, particularly fat cells.  When these cells are constantly exposed to increased levels of insulin and cortisol they become “insulin resistant.”  As a result of this effect, a cell membrane receptor called “alpha-2″ becomes overactive and suppresses another receptor called “beta-1” (see Figure 1A). When the beta-1 receptors are suppressed, they cause the fat cell to loose the ability to burn off its excess fat stores.  This condition becomes virtually permanent.  Because the fat around the abdomen, hips and buttocks are especially rich in alpha-2 receptors, these fat cells become difficult, if not impossible to reduce.  Despite exercise and dieting, these areas of the body demonstrate a strong ability to resist losing fat.  Even though the entire body weight may be reduced, these resistant cells retain their fat stores.


Until now there has not been a nutritional supplement that targets the fat cells abundant in these areas of the body. Suddenly Slender is specifically formulated to help refurbish the alpha-2 receptors and thereby restore balance to the fat cell’s metabolism (see Figure 1B). By re-energizing the beta-1 receptors, the stubborn fat cells begin to burn their fat stores furiously. This is all accomplished without stimulants such as caffeine or ephedra. Additional effects include improvement of thyroid hormone availability, increased coronary artery circulation, improved intestinal motility, reduced insulin resistance and, incredibly enough, natural suppression of appetite, especially carbohydrate cravings. This is the result of the herbal components of Suddenly Slender positively affecting an area of the brain called the paraventricular nuclei. This structure is associated with the hypothalamus, where many regulatory functions of the body, including appetite control are governed. Also, when insulin resistance is returned to normal, it takes less time for the glucose from a meal to cross from the blood stream into the brain. Therefore, the brain more rapidly perceives the presence of sufficient quantities of glucose and it, in turn, signals the appetite centers to calm down, thereby reducing the desire to eat.

Here, then, is an answer to one of the most challenging problems in weight management—namely, the constant hunger experienced by the dieter and the inability to loose weight in the abdomen, hips and buttocks. The very areas most important to trim down. If a person uses Suddenly Slender, as recommended on the bottle, simply reduces the presence of potato, bread and pasta in their diets, they should experience even better results and be able to not only lose excess pounds, but to shape their body into a more youthful figure, at the same time restoring the cellular machinery to a more normal status, and possibly undoing the damage that has resulted from decades of excessive carbohydrate/caloric intake. Maintaining physical activity is also important, not only to assist the body in properly using the food it consumes, but also to maintain proper bodily function in general. Lastly, foods containing polyunsaturated fats should be consumed daily to desensitize the alpha-2 receptors, thereby enhancing fat burning in the corresponding cells (lypolysis).

Suddenly Slender is not for use by pregnant or nursing women. If you are using prescription MAO inhibitors (these drugs are being used less and less), you should consult with your physician regarding the advisability of using Suddenly Slender.



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